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The Boss The BossAs I take command of Number 18 (Bomber) Squadron, I am awed somewhat by its heritage and the tangible sense of history that surrounds it. As a manifestation of this heritage, the Squadron Association and its importance should not be underestimated. Clearly, to command a squadron such as 18(B) Squadron is a real honour, but so is acting as chairman of its association. I realise that during my tenure it will be my duty to ensure that the Squadron’s sense of history thrives and that we continue to learn from those who have ‘been there’ before us.

The history of 18(B) Squadron is very much alive and is being made even as I write. Following the success of the first B Flight deployment to Afghanistan in February and March of this year, crews from both A and B Flights have been intimately involved in what has been described by the media as ‘the most intense fighting since the war in Korea’. While 18(B) Squadron is no stranger to action, especially in support of beleaguered ground forces, I believe that both deployments have witnessed extraordinary acts of courage and professionalism amongst the crews involved. However, I am confident that we have the calibre of people required to see the job through and I will do everything I can to ensure that families get the support they need when the Squadron is deployed in harm’s way. In these challenging times, current serving members of 18(B) Squadron can draw on the knowledge that many members of the Association have faced similar demands in the past and have risen to the challenge.

I look forward to meeting many of you at the reunion and I am sure that the whole Squadron sees it not only as an opportunity to swap ‘warstories’ but also to remember those who did not come back.


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