Introduction by the President Squadrons

Air Vice Marshal A J Stables CBE FRAeS

The PresidentSquadrons are the very lifeblood of the Royal Air Force; they are both fighting units and families. Like all families there is the odd disagreement from time to time, but this is more than compensated for by that unity, trust and deep and lasting friendship that is present when like minded people are drawn together within that family – the squadron. I have certainly shared a good part of my life with Number 18(B) Squadron, over ten years in fact. For uniquely, perhaps, within the Royal Air Force I have served four separate flying tours with the Squadron in four different ranks; in the late 60s as a Flying Officer in Acklington and Odiham flying Wessex, in the early 70s as a Flight Lieutenant in Gutersloh again flying Wessex, in the mid 70s as a Squadron Leader again in Gutersloh and again flying the Wessex, and finally as a Wing Commander in Odiham and Gutersloh flying Chinook.

Not surprisingly therefore I have a special affection for the ‘Red Pegasus’ and I am delighted to have been asked to become the President of your Association. Our growth and success will, be dependent upon your support. You, the former members, have been 18(B) Squadron during the past 40 years and all of you will have a story to tell – the newsletter provides the opportunity! So please do it and lets hear from you. We also, of course, need to ‘grow’ the membership. So please spread the word. Group Shot Group Shot before lunchOn 11 May the annual reunion was Held at RAF Odiham. 38 voting members attended the AGM and 60 sat down to a buffet lunch in the Officer’s Mess. The morning started at 0945 with tea, coffee and biscuits in the sqn History room

The present Squadron members have taken that important step to form the Association and it is now a matter for us, the former members, to make it work. I know that you will all share my affection for Number 18(B) Squadron and I welcome you as members of and participants in our Association. Lets do it. As there was a quorum of Association Members in one location, the opportunity was taken to hold the first Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Association - rather than describe what was decided, a copy of the Minutes is enclosed. After the AGM, a short journey was made across the airfield as the Members were treated to a fly past from a venerable Canberra of No 39 Squadron before the official Chinook flying display

The display crew, again from 18(B) Sqn, and this year Captained by Flight Lieutenant Carl Zarecky, really put the aircraft through its paces, and demonstrated the agility and capability of the mighty Wokka Then it was back to the Sqn, where Members were given Major Porter talking of the hangar and facilities, before photographs were taken and the moment we had all been waiting for, the opening of the bar. Pre-lunchdrinks allowed conversation to start flowing before the formal Anniversary Luncheon.

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